Surge is positioned at the intersection of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), government energy policy, and traditional infrastructure finance to yield

Why Surge?

Energy Security

The Surge Power Plant provides the means for independent and sustainable power generation in Mongolia, a region that has been dependent on energy from Russia and China for decades.


Energy Affordability

WATT token is a utility token linked to electricity and represents physical electric power that is produced from the Surge Power Plant. A marketplace stablecoin minted upon the collateralization of WATT token is used to transact electricity that is produced from the power plant at a discounted rate.


Energy Distribution

The Surge Marketplace allows for the peer to peer (P2P) trading of electricity where the price of each watt of electricity is determined by market supply and demand.This system offers electricity from a wide range of potential energy sources, starting with the Surge Power Plant, and enables the efficient allocation of electricity directly from network peers who are in a state of energy abundance to those who require additional electricity without relying on a single energy provider.

Surge Features

Surge Power Plant

Located in Bukhmurun Soum of Uvs Province, 1,016 km from Ulaanbaatar, in the north western region of Mongolia. The region is rich in iron ore and coal, but due to infrastructure challenges, it lacks the economic development that should accompany such mineral abundance. The electricity generated by Surge, will allow the three surrounding provinces, Uvs Aimag, Bayan Ulgii, and Khovd Aimag to receive electricity to support otherwise stifled industrial development.

WATT Token

Surge runs a two-token system in order to safeguard the conversion of electricity production to valuable economic output that support regional, commercial, and industrial growth. WATT token is linked to electricity and represents power that will later be redeemable from Surge Power Plant’s 60 MW coal-fired thermal power plant.

WATT Marketplace

Blockchain based Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Electricity Trading Platform established as an instrument of financial inclusion, focused on the trading of electricity. The electricity produced from the Mongolia government guaranteed Surge Power Plant, and the token layer placed on top, will allow for the formation of a transparent, equally accessible electricity market.


Eric Choi

Advisor- Technical (Blockchain & Token Economics)

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